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New and innovative software developments have allowed T-C Transcription, Inc. to not only competitively price our transcription services but improve turn-around-time (TAT), quality of transcription, and manage our work flow with state of the art management tools.  A dictator can call into our dictation system from any telephone and dictate a report which will go into a “queue” awaiting transcription.  The system automatically assigns each report a “weight” based on the TAT of the account, type of report dictated, and the dictator of the report.  Reports with a STAT status or short TAT will be at the top of the queue, but reports that start to become old or out of TAT also rise to the top so that TAT is always met.  Using T-C’s software package, a highly skilled medical transcriptionist anywhere within the USA can log into T-C’s system via the Internet.  The system will recognize the transcriptionist based on a system specific security certificate and password protected system.  The system will then look at a “profile” that has been created for each transcriptionist, which is a unique combination of accounts, work types and dictators that they are assigned to and are best suited.  It looks at the pending transcription queue and assigns them the highest priority work matching their profile.  As each report is transcribed and automatically sent back to T-C Transcription, Inc., another report is seamlessly placed into their job queue.  In the meantime, the transcriptionist has already begun transcribing another report, thereby improving productivity.  As the completed reports are returned to T-C, they are automatically routed to an editor for review or to the delivery queue for electronic delivery to the customer.  T-C has created management tools that allow better quality assurance of reports.  T-C can hold all reports from a transcriptionist, all reports for a specific account, individual types of reports or reports from specific dictators for editor review.  This allows us the opportunity to introduce additional accounts, work types and dictators without compromising quality of transcription.
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