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T-C Transcription, Inc. is an Internet based company that seeks to utilize modern technology in all aspects of our business. Since we are an Internet company we are able to draw on the best talent no matter where they are located in the United States. With many years of transcription experience T-C developed cutting edge software. Currently utilizing an inhouse development team T-C is able to stay on top of the technology curve. We have complete control over our service from dictation to delivery.

Dictation: T-C Transcription, Inc. offer several modes of dictation or voice input. T-C can receive dictation using the following methods:
  • Telephone.
  • Handheld digital recorders. We currently support these Olympus models: 330, 3000, 4000.
  • Onsite dictation server for high volume users.
  • Other dictation systems including: DVI, Dictaphone Lanier, etc. Special situations using custom interfaces.

Job Status: The user can track the status of the job from dictation to acceptance. Our unique, intuitive, Web Based application, WebMR, shows the status of the job at each step in the life of the job.

Transcription: T-C Transcription, Inc. uses a custom transcription application that allows the transcriptionist to work from any available internet connection. All communication is encrypted using SSL 128 bit encryption to insure complete privacy of protected health information.

Delivery: Jobs are delivered as Microsoft Word documents by way of the Internet using WebMR. WebMR allows the user to print one or all of the delivered jobs with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. If the job needs to be edited, the user can edit the job and save it directly to our server with no additional steps. Since the jobs are always on our server, they may be accessed from any computer with Internet access. WebMR allows jobs to be located by many parameters such as Patient Name, Date of Dictation, dictator, work type, etc.

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