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Medical Transcriptionist
T-C Transcription employs transcriptionists of all skill levels depending on the companies staffing needs at that time. Proper placement within the organization is key to achieving a win-win situation for both the MT's and T-C Transcription. Depending on the MT’s experience level, she/he could be placed on a multispecialty team (clinic work) or the acute care team (hospital work). Pay levels are based on previous transcription experience, expertise with ESL dictators (English as a second language), working the evening or night shifts, and the amount of jobs sent to editing for final approval. Medical Transcriptionists (MT’s) are medical language specialists who interpret physician and other health care provider dictations. They listen and transcribe the health care record and correct grammar without altering the contents of the record. If speech recognition is used, they edit the text that was produced by the speech recognition engines also correcting grammar, if necessary, without altering the contents.

Medical language specialists are highly skilled professionals who pride themselves in their knowledge of the medical language. MT’s are eager to learn as many medical specialties as possible to increase his/her skill set. Medical transcription is a profession which takes many years to develop a broad based skill set of the different medical specialties.

Editors are seasoned medical language specialists who edit other MT's work to produce an accurate health care record. Editors not only edit but also provide feedback to the MT’s to improve their skill sets. The editors must be proficient in their referencing and researching skills to provide consistent, constructive feedback to the transcriptionists.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance (QA) takes the highest skilled MT’s to perform daily audits on MT’s final work to maintain 98% or better performance. The quality assurance division has advanced knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, disease processes, signs and symptoms, medications, and laboratory values with an in-depth knowledge of medical transcription guidelines (The AAMT Book of Style) and practices. 

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